1 Name
1.1 The Club will be known as East Kent BMX Rac­ing Club.
2 Affil­i­a­tions
2.1 The Club will affil­i­ate to, and abide by the rules and reg­u­la­tions of the British Cycling Fed­er­a­tion and will ensure that Club Mem­bers are rep­re­sented at BCF Divi­sional / Regional level.
2.2 The Club may affil­i­ate to any local or regional Sports Coun­cils or Sports Devel­op­ment organisations.
3 Aims & Objectives
The objec­tives of the Club shall be:
3.1 to organ­ise and pro­mote BMX rac­ing
3.2 to organ­ise and pro­mote any other aspects of BMX cycle dis­ci­plines
3.3 to encour­age the coach­ing and devel­op­ment of BMX rid­ers
3.4 to pro­mote and assist the cre­ation and devel­op­ment of new and exist­ing BMX Clubs.
3.5 The Club shall encour­age new rid­ers, espe­cially young rid­ers, to take up off-road cycling.
3.6 Co-operate with the British Cycling Fed­er­a­tion and it’s Regions/Divisions to pro­mote and develop cycling as a healthy and worth­while sport and pas­time.
3.7 to co-operate with other organ­i­sa­tions in the pro­mo­tion and devel­op­ment of cycling as a healthy and worth­while sport and pas­time.
3.8 Encour­age equal oppor­tu­ni­ties for all users and seek to ensure access, regard­less of age, dis­abil­ity, race, eth­nic ori­gin or creed, sex or sex­ual orientation.
4 Mem­ber­ship
The Club shall have the fol­low­ing classes of mem­ber­ship:
4.1 Mem­ber — any per­son who pays the appro­pri­ate annual sub­scrip­tion.
4.2 Rider — any per­son who pays the appro­pri­ate annual sub­scrip­tion and takes out a British Cycling Fed­er­a­tion mem­ber­ship and com­pe­ti­tion licence.
4.3 Vis­i­tor (Non-Member) — any per­son who takes signs in, in order to expe­ri­ence BMX rac­ing.
4.4 The rate of sub­scrip­tion for all classes of mem­ber­ship will be decided by the Club at the Annual Gen­eral Meet­ing, or at an Extra-ordinary Meet­ing called spe­cially for that pur­pose.
4.5 The Club shall have the right to decline any mem­ber­ship appli­ca­tion with­out being required to give a rea­son for the rejec­tion.
The Club shall have the right, at its dis­cre­tion, to ter­mi­nate the mem­ber­ship of any mem­ber.
Deci­sions to decline or ter­mi­nate any class of mem­ber­ship will nor­mally be taken by the Club Com­mit­tee. All such deci­sions will be noti­fied, in writ­ing, to the per­son con­cerned. Any per­son wish­ing to appeal against a mem­ber­ship deci­sion may do so, in writ­ing, to the Club Sec­re­tary, within 28 days of being noti­fied of the deci­sion. The Club Com­mit­tee will con­sider the appeal and inform the mem­ber of the out­come within 28 days of receipt of said appeal.
5 Mem­ber­ship Rights
5.1 Each Mem­ber shall have one vote.
Only Mem­bers who have been Mem­bers for more than 90 days may vote at Annual Gen­eral and Extra-ordinary Meet­ings.
5.2 Each Fam­ily Mem­ber­ship shall have one vote.
6 Annual Gen­eral Meetings
6.1 The finan­cial year shall run from 1 Jan­u­ary until 31 Decem­ber.
6.2 The Annual Gen­eral Meet­ing will be held within 3 months of the year end.
6.3 Only for­mal res­o­lu­tions may be dis­cussed at the Annual Gen­eral Meet­ing.
6.4 In the event of equal num­bers of votes being cast, the Chair­man shall have a cast­ing vote.
6.5 Annual Gen­eral Meet­ings must have a quo­rum of not less than 25% of the Members.
7 Extra-ordinary Meetings
Requests for Extra-ordinary meet­ings must:
7.1 be made, in writ­ing, to the Club Sec­re­tary
7.2 be signed by the pro­poser and at least 25% of Mem­bers
7.3 state clearly the reason(s) for call­ing an extra-ordinary meet­ing
7.4 explain why the issues can­not be resolved other than by extra-ordinary meet­ing.
7.5 On receipt of a valid request the Sec­re­tary shall, within 28 days, arrange to hold an extra-ordinary meet­ing and send 28 days notice to all Mem­bers.
7.6 On all issues other than changes to the Con­sti­tu­tion, vot­ing at extra-ordinary meet­ings will be on a straight major­ity of the votes cast by Mem­bers attend­ing the meet­ing.
7.7 Res­o­lu­tions call­ing for changes to the Con­sti­tu­tion must receive the sup­port of not less than 70% of all Mem­bers vot­ing.
7.8 The Chair­man shall not have a cast­ing vote at extra-ordinary meetings.
8 Annual Accounts
8.1 Each year the Club will pro­duce appro­pri­ate finan­cial accounts and present them to the Annual Gen­eral Meet­ing.
A suit­able per­son or organ­i­sa­tion, approved by the Com­mit­tee will audit each year’s accounts.
9 Organ­i­sa­tion
The Club will be man­aged by a Com­mit­tee com­pris­ing of the fol­low­ing Offi­cials:
9.1 Chair­man
9.2 Gen­eral Sec­re­tary
9.3 Trea­surer
9.4 Any Spe­cial­ist Sec­re­taries or Gen­eral Com­mit­tee Mem­bers as the AGM may appoint.
9.5 The Com­mit­tee, or its appointed rep­re­sen­ta­tives, will be respon­si­ble for the organ­i­sa­tion of club activ­i­ties.
9.6 All Com­mit­tee Mem­bers will be elected at AGM and serve for one year.
9.7 Com­mit­tee mem­bers may stand for re-election.
10 Dis­so­lu­tion
On dis­so­lu­tion, any assets and prop­erty belong­ing to the club, shall not be paid to or dis­trib­uted among the mem­bers of the club, but shall be applied to such char­i­ta­ble pur­poses in the local area as the man­age­ment com­mit­tee shall decide.